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Remember Me? Results 1 to 11 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Outdoor Temp Sensor -Honeywell Thermostat I purchased a Honeywell Vision Pro thermostat model to replace an existing Bryant Thermostat that is 17 years old with a dual fuel kit.

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I am having a new Carrier heat pump installed this week 13 seer. I also purchased a outdoor temp sensor Honeywell CU The thermostat wiring 8 wire to the heat pump is about 50 feet in length.

Has anybody experienced this? Anyway to hook up sensor and alleviate this problem? Considering a wireless outdoor sensor setup or just none at all if this won't work. The wireless sensor is the best way. It can be installed in a shaded location on the north side of the house which may be difficult with the wired sensor. White-Rodgers, yes? Honeywell, no.


We've had to use 2 wires out of an 8 strand before with no problems on temp readings. Prefer not to but sometimes you have to. Originally Posted by BaldLoonie. Originally Posted by larbje. Go Trump. Originally Posted by second opinion.

Contractor locator map How-to-apply-for-Professional How many times must one fix something before it is fixed? Originally Posted by beenthere. Sometimes using the same bundle will work, sometimes it won't. He can try it and see if it works for him. Find any shaded spot. There's always a way.Sense the temperatures in the places that matter most with the T9 Smart Thermostat. Focus on the rooms you choose by adding Smart Room Sensors and setting a schedule β€” or let the sensors respond to your lifestyle.

Promotion applies to the item value before taxes. This product is available from a licensed professional installer.

The T9 Smart Thermostat works with Smart Room Sensors to help you adjust the temperature from anywhere and stay cozy in the rooms that matter. Place sensors where you want to see each room's temperature and humidity. Use the multi-room display on the thermostat's touchscreen β€” or in the Honeywell Home app β€” to focus on rooms based on occupancy or a specific schedule you choose. When focusing on multiple rooms, the T9 works toward creating an average temperature, balancing the needs across the whole home.

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Heavy or light, hot or cold, always unique to your home, the air you feel is more than its temperature setting. Our Air products and services work with you and for you, supporting and creating more comfortable surroundings. Manage your Honeywell Home devices in the easy-to-use app, making it simple to control home comfort, monitor usage and more β€” from anywhere. Worry less β€” get alerts if temperatures rise above or fall below your threshold as well as reminders to change your air filter.

With location-based home and away modes, your smart thermostat can respond to your lifestyle, automatically adjusting your temperature and passing the savings onto you. Professional installations gets professional results. Find an authorized professional near you to complete your installation. Utility Rebates Available. Buy Now. Product Overview.

Control thermostat program with outdoor sensor

Take It All With You. Learn More. One of the Family. Love your existing devices? We do, too. Our products, apps and services play well with others so you can make home a little more harmonious. See how we support your home and fit into your life. Works With Specifications T9 Smart Thermostat with Sensor. View All View Less.December 26, Just bought my wife a new thermostat for our house. We missed the HAI home automation thermostats in our previous house and their ability to display outdoor temperature.

The NEST removed too much of our ability to control our thermostat and didn't show outdoor weather conditions. I just carefully followed the instructions from Honeywell on how to install it.

Our system was new enough to have a C-wire run but not connected to the existing thermostat. Honeywell's online tools and video helped me through this quite well. Hooked everything up as directed. The thermostat connected up to our WI-FI network easily. It began showing the outdoor temperature immediately. About 3 hours later, the unit is showing "Waiting for Update I checked wifi connectivity to the unit and it was communicating with the internet just fine.

In fact when I logged into mytotalconnectcomfort. Checking out a few forum posts on the web there seems to be an automatic firmware update that breaks updates from Accuweather. Currently it's been more than 24 hours. If it continues, I'll probably give customer service at Honeywell a call. Here is their response. Thank you for contacting Honeywell. This feature is sponsored by a third-party website www.

However, it takes about hours to synchronize with the third-party server if it is a fresh installation. Please follow the steps below in order to check the same: Login to your Total Connect Comfort account on your computer.

Click on 'Control Center' then 'My Location'. You would see the 'Settings' option beside 'View your thermostat'. Please click on 'Settings'. We would also recommend you to first disconnect the thermostat from the Wi-Fi and then reconnect it: Press 'Menu' tab and then scroll down to select 'Wi-Fi Setup '.

Honeywell Lyric T6 Pro Wi-Fi Professional Install Manual

Disconnect from existing Wi-Fi network After disconnecting from the network take the thermostat off the wall for 1 min. After that put the thermostat back on the wall and connect to the Wi-Fi network again by going to Wi-Fi Setup.

Is the thermostat connected with the Wi-Fi? If yes, please provide the date since it was connected to the Wi-Fi approx? Please provide us with the email address with which you are registered with us? If the issue still persists, then feel free to contact us back either via email or our Technical Support helpline number: Their operational hours are 8. They walked me through a reset of my wireless network.

I reset the thermostat with their technical on the line.PCB sensors measure the addition or backup of force, with proportional output. Particulate matter sensors use the light scattering method to detect and count particles in a given environment. Provide non-contact detection of rotating ferrous affects a magnetic field target such as a gear, shaft or similar mechanism.

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HVAC Carrier A/C needs an Outside Air Temp Sensor replaced

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This is Search input need to add more information. Sensing and Internet of Things Sensing. Overview An electronic sensor detects and measures a physical phenomenon, such as temperature, pressure, force, or acceleration, and provides a corresponding output, usually in the form of an electronic signal.

Browse Sensors by Type Make a selection to narrow in on the product that's right for you. Force Sensors PCB sensors measure the addition or backup of force, with proportional output.

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Particulate Matter Sensors Particulate matter sensors use the light scattering method to detect and count particles in a given environment. Speed Sensors Provide non-contact detection of rotating ferrous affects a magnetic field target such as a gear, shaft or similar mechanism. Sensor Evaluation Kits Boards and software for faster sensor evaluation.Below, you can check out the list of troubleshooting instructions for different models of Honeywell thermostat brand.

The guidelines are present in the form of tables for you to navigate them easier.

honeywell outdoor temperature sensor error

Just find the technical issue, check out the possible causes, and fix it up. A wide range of technical problems provided starting from heat emission failure and finishing by WiFi programming issues. Besides, you can also find the error alert codes β€” it will help you to identify the type of failure quickly. Remove batteries and insert backward for five to ten seconds to reset thermostat.

Replace batteries correctly: display should come on. Display shows flashing "bAt Lo. Replace batteries correctly; display should come on. Be sure AM and PM indications are correct. Make sure current day and time are correct. Reprogram if necessary. Contact heating contractor for assistance. Allow minutes after changing setting before air conditioner starts.

Contact ac contractor. If desired, change the temperature setting. E02 Invalid Wi-Fi password. This code displays for 30 seconds, then the thermostat will re-enter Wi-Fi Setup mode.

E42 Router is not issuing an IP address to the thermostat. E43 No internet connection. Thermostat cannot communicate to Total Connect Comfort. E99 General error Remove thermostat from wallplate for 10 seconds, then reconnect it. System switch on thermostat in wrong position. Reset System switch. Thermostat minimum-off times operating for cooling.If you have problems with a Lyric Wi Fi thermostat, visit this page to find out how to fix them.

Here, you can find Lyric thermostat troubleshooting manuals for different models. They enlist error codes, the most widespread technical problems, their reasons and instructions on how to fix the issues. Problem Solution Display is blank Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary.


Make sure furnace door is closed securely. Make sure fresh AA alkaline batteries are correctly installed Heating or cooling system does not respond Press Mode button to set svstem Heat Make sure the desired temperature is set higher than the inside temperature.

Press Mode button to set system Cool Make sure the desired temperature is set lower than the inside temperature. Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary. Wait 5 minutes for the system to respond. Wait 5 minutes for the system to restart safely, without damage to the compressor. Contact Lyric Technical Support Set the Date and Time Please set the time and date on the thermostat to ensure features like scheduling can operate.

Reset the air filter timer by touching Dismiss on the thermostat screen after replacement. Reset the timer by touching Dismiss on the thermostat screen after replacement. Based on the installation settings, this information is required for correct operation of your system. Please download the Lyric app and register your thermostat.

honeywell outdoor temperature sensor error

Please check your network settings. Please wait for the thermostat to reconnect or select a new Wi-Fi network.

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Search for:. Compressor protection feature is engaged. Contact your heating or cooling professional to diagnose and service the heat pump. Contact Lyric Technical Support. Please set the time and date on the thermostat to ensure features like scheduling can operate. The temperature sensor on the thermostat has encountered an error. AC power to the thermostat has been restored after power loss.

Replace the air filter or contact your heating or cooling professional. Replace the humidifier pad or contact your heating or cooling professional.

Replace the dehumidifier filter or contact your heating or cooling professional.

The Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Thermostat Review

Clean or replace the ventilator filter or contact your heating or cooling professional. Replace the UV bulb or contact your heating or cooling professional. You need to register online to receive outdoor temperature information from the Internet.

You need to register online for remote thermostat access and outdoor temperature information. The Wi-Fi signal has been lost. Please download the Lyric app and follow the steps to connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi. The internet connection has been lost, please check your internet connection or Wi-Fi router.Home somd. Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

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honeywell outdoor temperature sensor error

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Forums somd. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter wintersprings Start date Oct 25, Over the last year the OAT reading has dropped When its 32 outside it read 28, then months later when it was 50, it read This sensor has been slowly going bad.

Can some one point me to a place to just buy the sensor? I also need the part number if you have it? Are you looking for the outdoor thermostat kit? Could very well be tied to your tstat and not a Carrier specific part; do you have a straight hp system or is the sensor used to bring on a back-up heat source?

This would determine the urgency of fixing it.